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Part Time Law Enforcement Academy Instructor (Pool)

03/05/2013 70021 Part Time Credit Law Enforcement Academy

Part Time Speech Instructor (Pool)

06/03/2013 70043 Part Time Credit Speech

Part Time Computer Science Instructor (Pool)

06/03/2013 70046 Part Time Credit Computer Science

Part Time Chemistry Instructor (Pool)

06/27/0013 70057 Part Time Credit Chemistry

Part Time Medical Office Instructor (Pool)

07/11/2013 70064 Part Time Credit Office Administration

Part Time Office Administration Instructor (Pool)

07/11/2013 70065 Part Time Credit Office Administration

Part Time History Instructor (Pool)

07/11/2013 70067 Part Time Credit History

Part Time Music Instructor (Pool)

07/11/2013 70068 Part Time Credit Music

Part Time Economics Instructor (Pool)

07/23/2013 70072 Part Time Credit Economics

Online Adjunct Communications or Fine Arts Instructor (Pool)

08/19/2013 70079 Part Time Credit Communication and Fine Arts Division

Part Time Emergency Medical Services Instructor (Pool)

08/27/2013 70085 Part Time Credit Emergency Medical Services

Online Adjunct Social Sciences Instructor (Pool)

01/18/2017 70096 Part Time Credit Social Sciences Division

Part Time Accounting Instructor (Pool)

10/01/2013 70097 Part Time Credit Accounting

Part Time Criminal Justice Instructor (Pool)

10/01/2013 70098 Part Time Credit Criminal Justice

Part Time Humanities Instructor (Pool)

10/01/2013 70099 Part Time Credit Humanities

Part Time Political Science Instructor (Pool)

10/01/2013 70100 Part Time Credit Government

Part Time Psychology Instructor (Pool)

10/01/2013 70101 Part Time Credit Psychology

Part Time Sociology Instructor (Pool)

10/01/2013 70102 Part Time Credit Sociology

Part Time Licensed Vocational Nursing Instructor (Pool)

10/03/2013 70108 Part Time Credit Vocational Nursing

Part Time Learning Frameworks Instructor (Pool)

10/03/2013 70109 Part Time Credit Transitional Education

Part Time Foreign Language Instructor (Pool)

10/03/2013 70110 Part Time Credit Foreign Language

Part Time Developmental English Instructor (Pool)

10/03/2013 70111 Part Time Credit English

Part Time English Instructor (Pool)

10/03/2013 70112 Part Time Credit English

Part Time Art Instructor (Pool)

10/03/2013 70113 Part Time Credit Art

Part Time Biology Instructor (Pool)

10/07/2013 70114 Part Time Credit Biology

Part Time Early Childhood Instructor (Pool)

10/07/2013 70115 Part Time Credit Early Childhood Development

Part Time Developmental Mathematics Instructor (Pool)

10/07/2013 70116 Part Time Credit Mathematics

Part Time Mathematics Instructor (Pool)

10/07/2013 70117 Part Time Credit Mathematics

Online Adjunct Mathematics or Life Sciences Instructor (Pool)

11/22/2013 70135 Part Time Credit Mathematics and Life Sciences Division